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cannazon market

Cannazon Market

Cannazon Market is the only resource of its kind, which is a darknet market selling narrow-focused goods. This site is fully dedicated to the topic of cannabis (marijuana). The product pages resemble the windows of Amsterdam coffee shops, which offer to buy a variety of cannabis derivatives and unusual ways to use it.

If you were looking for products that is not included in the list of cannabis, then you will not be able to make a purchase on Cannazon. To find the right product, we recommend you to visit the Empire Market link.

Nowadays, all existing markets selling illicit goods are located in darknet. Cannazon Market online of course was no exception and launched its site in the well-known TOR browser, which is the part of the darknet network.

You can probably notice that almost all of the banned sites (like the cannazon market onion) are located on the TOR network, although there are many other options to be in darknet.  Why is that happening? It’s simple, TOR combines many qualities that other projects do not have, it does not put anonymity at the expense of such things as (speed, stability, openness, ease of use). Tor is very convenient for both consumers and market administrators, this is the secret of its popularity!

Cannazon Market link

 List of current and safe cannazon market links:

Cannazon urls

Some market links may not be available due to the fact that the server is subject to ddos attacks from the government and competitors. On a normal (white) Internet, this would not have caused much trouble, but since the site is located in Tor, the only way to combat attacks is to constantly update links.

Our site keeps track of all the new domains that cannazon market mirror creates. You can see the table with links above, only the newest and most stable domains with high speed of operation get there.

cannazon market onion

Features of "onion" domains

The Tor project, like the rest of the decentralized networks, has its own kind of domains that end in “onion” When creating a domain, you cannot get to set the desired name for it, since the name is randomly generated. Therefore, most domain names in the “onion” zone are a set of letters and numbers that do not make sense, with a length of 15 characters or more.

If the owner of the site in Tor needs to somehow separate his domain from the total mass, then an automatic onion domain generator will come to his aid. The generator according to the specified criteria will sort through all possible options, and ultimately will give you what you wanted, but you need to remember that choosing a domain with more than 8 necessary signs in a row will be problematic, so lots of people will only choose to part  names, not the entire domain, as is the case with the Cannazon Market link.

Functionality and market interface

Today, many darknet markets do not pay much attention to the design of their sites. This is due to the fact that sites in Tor work much slower than those sites that are on the white Internet. Therefore, 95% of darknet sites have a backward design of the 2000s.

Cannazon Market list – did not publish a market with a backward and incomprehensible design, instead the administration worked to optimize the pages in order to make their weight as small as possible and, based on this, could allow the site to make a modern design without sacrificing speed.


In order to proceed to the purchase of goods at Cannazon Market register darkness, you need to create an account. Registration does not take much time, you just have to come up with (login, password and pin code).

cannazon market register

Registration at the Cannazon Market site login is open to all comers. No invites and confirmations are required from you. For security reasons, you do not need to specify a mail-address and phone number.

Site interface

It’s time to talk about how to interact with the site cannazon market online, so that you would not have any extra questions when trying to purchase a product.

After you register, you will be automatically redirected to the login page. Enter your newly created login and password in the appropriate fields,and do not forget about captcha.

After authorization, you will be taken to the main page of the market, from here you can navigate through all the main sections of the site.

cannazon market register address lookup

On the left are fields such as:

CATEGORIES – In this section you can choose the type and grade of goods that you want to buy.
FILTER – Here, the details of the product you need are specified in order to reduce your search time.
MIRROR – This place contains the current cannazon market mirrors, which you can use if the domain you are currently working on is slow.

At the top there is a “bar” on which the site search is located and access to information related to your account (purchase history, unfinished orders, personal information and much more).

cannazon market register darkness

Product purchase

A little more details on how to purchase the selected product on the Cannazon Market update.

To make purchases, cannazon administrators must add a cryptocurrency wallet to their account settings for a refund and a PGP key to encrypt your messages (how to configure pgp is in this section of our website).

After you have decided and added the right product to the basket, click “Add to cart”.

cannazon market url

Then we correct the conditions of purchase and confirm the order again.

cannazon market site login

In the next step, you need to send your wishes and the necessary data to the seller for the delivery of goods from the Cannazon Market official site.

cannazon market mirror

 Next, enter the captcha and complete the order process.

cannazon market link

If you did everything as described above, then you will go to the payment page, where there will be a bitcoin wallet to which you need to send the necessary amount in btc.

cannazon market online

We conclude our today’s review, wish you a good shopping in the best market dedicated to cannabis!